BNR Agency is a nursing agency that aims to provide reliable and quality service to all its service users. Our mission is to continually improve our services, allowing us to extend our influence and prosper as a company.

We specialise in providing experienced healthcare staff for homecare and to secure, acute admission wards, prison environments, rehabilitation centres (I.e. drug and alcohol), residential and nursing homes across the Northwest. Our staff group is comprised of registered mental health nurses (RMN), learning disability nurses (RNLD), Registered General Nurses (RGN) and well trained support and care workers. We are continuously committed in supplying staff that are dedicated in carrying out their duties in a responsible and professional manner all the time.

We are located in Manchester and Warrington and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to meet your staffing requirements.

We strive to ensure all aspects of our services operate at the best possible standards. We are guided by our objective, which are:

  • To build our position of becoming a lead supplier of experienced nurses and healthcare workers to service users.
  • To recruit a caring and professional workforce that deliver high quality service, and to provide such staff with appropriate support.
  • To develop and maintain a good mutual relationship with the service user and to be able to adjust to their changing needs.
  • To continuously monitor the quality of service we provide through auditing tools like feedback we get from the service user.
  • To make the necessary improvements in such areas that might have been highlighted by the service user as needing improvement.
  • Building an environment that promotes professionalism, professional development and accountability.