Managing harassment, abuse and actual violence by a client

1) Staff will be trained in the techniques for identifying and handling potential instances of abuse, harassment or actual violence. Such training will be recorded in the staff training records, and will receive yearly refreshers

2) All possible measure will be taken to recognise possible ‘flashpoint’ situations. These will include the following:

  • Verbal abuse or threats
  • Physical aggression, which may or not lead actual violence or attack
  • Sectarian abuse
  • Racial abuse or harassment
  • Sexual harassment, which in itself can take forms:

Verbal harassment;

Actual assault;

Exposure to offensive material

3) Course content includes:

1. Human rights act
2 Children’s’ Act 1989

  • Crisis Prevention

1 Autism Adult/child including NICE
2 De-escalation
3 Breakaway

  • Techniques for Physical Intervention
  • Reasonable force

1. Mental Capacity Act 2007
2. Mental Health
3. The Criminal Law Act 1976

  • Physical Intervention for People with LD & ASD
  • DH Proactive Care 2014

4) This course is provided free for all our staff.