• 05 JAN 16
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    Pay woes at the expense of patients?

    Pay woes at the expense of patients?

    It appears the government not willing to increase the salaries of junior doctors but at the same time junior doctors are crying out for a pay rise. Briefly looking at both sides, how much would be enough of a pay rise to satisfy the junior doctors? I doubt £1 per hour is enough, but from the government point of view, a £1 increment is a lot. There are 50 000 junior doctors, and most of them work more than 37.5hrs a week, but if we assume they worked 37.5hrs, a £1 increase will see the government pumping out an extra £1 875 000 a week………….but, like I said, I doubt a £1 per hour increase will be enough! What will be the outcome?

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