Manager at Care homeManager at Care home
We have been using BNR Agency for a while now and to say, "we like their services is an understatement". Their staff are professional and have knowledge that relates to the environment. You can be confident when their staff are working because, "they are the best".
BNR Agency staff looked after our father on a 1:1 in a care home setting. They got to understand his needs and he related very well with them. The agency provided consistent staff and we all got to know each other well. We felt comfortable and knew that our dad was safe when the staff were looking after him. We even tried pinching their staff so they could look after dad at home!
Care Home Manager Care Home Manager
BNR are very reliable and have helped us on a number of occasions when we were desperate at short notice. Their staff are of high quality and the management is swift at resolving any issues. Thank you for the professional service.
Health Care WorkerHealth Care Worker
I have been working with BNR for some time now as a Health Care Worker. When I joined, I was eager to start work as soon as possible, but was a bit frustrated because I had to wait for some time. At first, I didn't appreciate the waiting, but now I understand. They informed me that even though I had training from other employers, I had to go through theirs. I also had to wait for a DBS from them and my references had to be provided. They kept me in the loop of what was happening and was informed ...